"Restore God And God Will Restore America"
2 Chronicles 7:14
If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Don Buddenbohm
Don Buddenbohm - Publisher - God And America  

God And America
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We Need To Shut Up
Christian Voting
Many are concerned that the moral issues of the day continue to bring America down.  What is the reason for this?  Simple, many Christians don't go to the voting booth.  Click Here

United States Debt Clock
Keep up on a daily basis and see whether the debt is going up or down.  Click Here

Act! For America

Stop the Islamic Militants that have declared war on America
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His Channel 
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Standing With Israel

The ACLJ is a great site for American issues and standing with Isreal.  I highly recommend this site and hope that you will go and view it.  We need more sites like the ACLJ.  Go Here

​Air Force Dumps "So Help Me God"

The U.S. Air Force has eliminated "so help me God" from their enlistment oath. Yep, an atheist who was reenlisting  complained he didn't want to say the words, "so help me God".  I guess this completes the cycle, because the Army, Navy and Marines are not required to say, "so help me God" in their oaths. And we ask God to go before us in battle?  Read More

U.S. Ready To Strike ISIS In Syria

The Pentagon says that we are ready to strike ISIS in Syria, but are we?  We have warned ISIS trough media exposure of what we are going to do and they are preparing ahead of time.  We are not, according to military leaders, being aggressive enough with military action, that would secure our objective and SAVE lives. We will see what happens.  Read More 

Persecution Of  Christians Growing

This article is concerning Christians in Ukraine, but Christians around the world are being persecuted more and more. Yes, Jesus said this would happen, but please pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ. Suffering is becoming more intense everyday.        
Read More 

School Says NO To Chick-fil-A

The Ventura High School football booster club was to sell 200 meals donated by Chick-fil-A, but Principal Val Wyatt said no because of Chick-fil-A's political stance on gay rights.  That is absolutely not fair to the students. Read More  

Scotland Votes NO On Independence

The tally is in and the majority of Scotland has voted not to succeed from their 307 year union with England. However, this leaves England's leader David Cameron facing hugh pressure  for constitutional change to grant more powers to Scotland.  He may have bit off more than he can chew.  Read More

The Terrible Suffering Of Ebola

I don't want to spread fear, but how tragic the Ebola virus is and the sufferings that courageous workers helping the Ebola patients go through. A supervisor in Liberia talks about the terrible suffering of Ebola.  It is so important to pray for not only the patients, but the ones that help them. Read More

We Need To Shut Up

Washington needs to learn to shut up.  Why is it that Washington exposes facts about military action we are going to take? Don't they know that the media is going to pick up on it and expose it to the world?

Don't they know the risk it will put our military in, letting the enemy know what we plan to do?

An recent example is how Washington exposed our plans to take out ISIS.  Washington exposed plans first of all that we were gong to attack ISIS.  Then Washington said that there would be no ground troops (at least from us), but our part would be an air invasion.

Why even say anything and give the enemy any advantage by knowing what we are planning to do?  It just doesn't make sense.  It winds up costing valuable lives in the end, due to our exposure.

Surprise is so important for winning any battle.  With the enemy not knowing what we are going to do puts them at a disadvantage that is imperative to the success of the mission.

So, please shut  up Washington and let our military leaders have the best chance to complete the victory with the least amount of casualties. 

Don Buddenbohm - Publisher

Wounded Warrior 
Please consider helping our brave men and women when coming home with their serious wounds.
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